50 day Hunger Strike

***Update – Thursday December 14, 2017

My hunger strike is over***

After going without food since November 12, this morning I made the decision to end my hunger strike.

When I first started, I told my family that I would not risk my health beyond the point of losing more than 18% of my bodyweight.  (Many people believe losing more than 18% of your bodyweight is the point where permanent organ damage may occur.  Though such things may vary from one person to another.)  I would strongly recommend you consult with your doctor before attempting something like this.

This morning my bodyweight loss was at 17.98%.  I’ve lost just over 40 pounds in the past month and so today my hunger strike ends on day 33.

Even though I did not succeed in bringing an investigation into crimes that occurred against my family in Nacogdoches, Texas, I did succeed in raising awareness of those crimes.

My family will continue in our pursuit of an investigation into the corrupt public officials/law enforcement who destroyed my family, violated our constitutional rights, and stole our home and personal property.  Please follow our story on CullerForCongress.com AnthonyCuller.com, and my  Facebook page Anthony Culler.

I would also like to thank everyone who said prayers on my behalf and that of my family.  Your kind support was key in providing me strength to continue in pursuit of Justice!

In Faith,

Anthony Culler

***Update – Tuesday December 12 –
11:45 AM***

My oldest daughter Serah and her sisters have started a petition that you should look into.  They are trying to get President Trump to assist in getting an investigation into felonies committed against our family in Nacogdoches, Texas!


You can sign their petition here!



My 50 day hunger strike began on November 12

I believe we can agree that a person going without food for 50 days is a very extreme measure to receive justice.  Well that’s the point I have reached to begin this hunger strike.

Are Americans now required to go on hunger strikes just to get an investigation?

Can you imagine an America where corrupt public officials violate your constitutional rights and you are forced to go on a hunger strike just to get an investigation!?!

My wife Renee’ and I, along with our four daughters – Serah, Layla, Sophia, and Alexandra, were destroyed by corruption we encountered in Nacogdoches, Texas in 2009/2010.  Our 72 acre ranch, pets, and all our personal property was stolen from us.  Our constitutional rights were violated.

We refuse to yield as we continue in our search for justice.  I seek an investigation into these crimes committed against my family.

There has never been an investigation

I pray my hunger strike will help bring the necessary attention to what happened to my family.  I am asking for your help in finally getting an investigation into these crimes.

Do you think we are asking for too much?

My family lost our home and ALL our personal property.  My wife’s wedding dress, family pictures, and our daughters’ Christening Gowns were all stolen!  Our daughters’ childhoods were stolen.  We were illegally made homeless and left with just the clothes on our back.

So is an investigation really asking for too much?

Nacogdoches County Sheriff Office

So just what kind of corrupt law enforcement agency was my family facing?

The Nacogdoches County Sheriff’s Department started their illegal armed siege on my family’s 72 acre ranch around 3:15 on the afternoon of January 12, 2010.  The sheriff posted a deputy at the entrance to our home, 24 hours a day, at taxpayer’s expense, for the two weeks or so that it took to steal all my family’s property, pets, horses, etc.  (I can’t help but think this illegal raid is the offspring of civil asset forfeiture.)

I believe the reason behind this illegal armed raid was a desperate attempt by a group of influential and corrupt individuals in Nacogdoches who were hell-bent on ensuring that my family did not appeal our case to the 12th Court of Appeals in Tyler, Texas.  These people wouldn’t have the same influence in Tyler and had to stop it anyway they could.  Taking the home and personal property of a family with young children just might do that.  This group of corrupt individuals had no problem making four young Texas girls, and their parents, homeless.

Their plan worked.

Nacogdoches County Sheriff/ President of the Sheriffs’ Association of Texas Thomas Kerss

What kind of Texas lawman is Thomas Charles Kerss?

On Monday, January 25, 2010, I personally asked Nacogdoches County Sheriff Thomas Kerss, in the Nacogdoches County Court of Law courtroom, if he would allow us to retrieve our daughters’ winter coats and homeschool books.  (It was cold that January!)  Sheriff Thomas Kerss ABSOLUTELY REFUSED!  He said we could get our stuff when we paid him what we owed him, which was over $9,000.00!

Alexandra was only 5 years old, Sophia was 7, Layla was 9, and Serah was 13.  They were standing right in front of Sheriff Thomas Kerss when I asked him.  You can you see from his behavior the kind of hateful and abhorrent man my family was dealing with.

What kind of Texas sheriff could be so low as to deny a family to retrieve coats for their daughters?  At one point, Nacogdoches Sheriff Thomas Kerss even told the media the property he and his deputies stole was “abandoned”.  (Some law enforcement agencies collect coats and personal items left after high school ballgames and other events so the people can come back and claim their property at “lost and found”.  Could you imagine a sheriff charging you to get your children’s coats?  That shows you the pure hate of Nacogdoches County Sheriff Thomas Kerss!)

Why there will NEVER be an investigation into Nacogdoches County Sheriff Thomas Kerss and his corrupt department

I should also point out one more thing to help you understand why there never was an investigation into the Nacogdoches County Sheriff’s Department and why there probably never will be.  Nacogdoches County Sheriff Thomas Kerss was also the President of the Sheriffs’ Association of Texas when he and his deputies committed these felonies under color of law.

You know there are some public officials who will go to extreme means to shield someone that powerful.  An investigation into arguably the most powerful law enforcement officer in the State of Texas would prove to be “too embarrassing” to allow.

I will not eat until 2018

My hunger strike began on Sunday, November 12.  If it takes me going without food for the rest of this year, just so my family can finally receive justice, then I have resolved to doing just that.  I’m only asking for an investigation by the FBI into corrupt public officials.  The FBI should appreciate my resolve in helping them do their job.  Everyone can’t fight this long for justice.

Today marks day 23 of my hunger strike.

What I seek from this hunger strike and what it will take to end it

I ask that the FBI do their job!  They should investigate the corrupt public officials I have charged in these crimes.  The FBI is responsible for investigating corrupt public officials.  (I also believe the FBI should investigate one of their own.)

I will end this hunger strike on January 1, 2018 or when the FBI starts their investigation.  Which ever comes first.


In Faith,

Anthony Culler

December 4, 2017

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